Starfigther F-1337

Here is my 1GAM game for May.

Battle waves of enemy ships in the most advanced starfigther out there.
The Starfigther F-1337! (Download)

Done with Monogame and Nez.

W, A, S, D to move,
Mouse to aim and rotate,
Left Mouse to shoot!


This game was made with assets by the following people:

Art by:
* Skorpio (
* J-Robot (
* Bareck (

Sounds by:
* NenadSimic (
* Skorpio (
* Tobiasz ‘unfa’ KaroĊ„ (
* nsstudios (
* bubaproducer (

Music by:
* Antti Luode (

Font by:
* OmegaPC777 (

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