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Here is my 1GAM game for June.

Scrim, a short abstract board game for board dominance! (Download)
Push off all enemy tiles from the board, or separate them from each other.

Done with LibGDX so you will need Java to run it.

Push your game pieces by dragging them to the position you want them to go.


Starfigther F-1337

Here is my 1GAM game for May.

Battle waves of enemy ships in the most advanced starfigther out there.
The Starfigther F-1337! (Download)

Done with Monogame and Nez.

W, A, S, D to move,
Mouse to aim and rotate,
Left Mouse to shoot!


This game was made with assets by the following people:

Art by:
* Skorpio (
* J-Robot (
* Bareck (

Sounds by:
* NenadSimic (
* Skorpio (
* Tobiasz ‘unfa’ KaroĊ„ (
* nsstudios (
* bubaproducer (

Music by:
* Antti Luode (

Font by:
* OmegaPC777 (

My Small Mind

This is my entry for the 38th Ludum Dare! Hooray!

The theme was “A Small World”. Download (Windows/Linux if you have mono installed execute

First completed game with MonoGame and Nez! Sadly no music, still got some learning to do in that regard.

Go see for yourself!


The One Room

Here is my #1GAM game for March. Inspired by the One Room RPG Jam.

Again in LibGDX so you will need Java.
Download it here: Download

A, D to move left and right.
Q, E to dodge left and right.
Y to perform a light attack.

Go and get to the one room with the treasure!

Here is some gameplay:

Music by: Kevin McLeod (
Tracks: Feral Chase, Halls of the Undead, Oppressive Gloom

Sounds by:


Here is my 1GAM game for February.

Again in LibGDX, download it here: Download

Hold SPACE while orbiting a planet to gain speed. Let go to travel on.
Press SPACE while near a planet to enter orbit.

A, D to change direction left, right while travelling.

Go and travel to the blue planet!


Mage Arena

This is my entry for the 37th Ludum Dare (theme: one room).

Yeah I know it’s already over… So I did it anyways. In the last two days. In LibGDX, so you will need java to run it. If you want to take a look here you can download it: Mage Arena JAR

W,A,D: Move Player 1
UP, LEFT, RIGHT: Move Player 2
G, Y, J, H: Speak Spell Words Player 1
Numpad 8, 4, 5, 6: Speak Spell Words Player 2
Space: Cast Spell Player 1
Numpad 0: Cast Spell Player 2

Esc: Terminate the Program

And a screenshot:


Dimensional is my first game for the onegameamonth challenge.

It is a short puzzle game (one level) where manipulation of time is the main mechanic.

You can download it here:

For Windows users: Extract the archive to a place you want, then execute “Dimensional.exe”
On Linux: You download Love2D and the simply run: love
The OSX file should be executable.


I would appreciate any feedback, especially if the game works on OSX and Linux.

There is no warranty on the software. It can be downloaded and distributed freely. You are not allowed to sell the game or any of its content. Any included assets are the property of their respective creators. It is not allowed to sell the game or any of its parts without permission of its creator.

This game was made using assets by:

* Sithjester from
* Some from the LPC contest.
* Buch from opengameart
* Curt from opengameart
* Ocean’s Dream from deviantart

“Marty Gots a Plan” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0